Project Grow

Project Grow is Red Stripe’s local raw material sourcing initiative in which the company uses cassava as an input in the production of some brewed products such as Red Stripe beer. Cassava starch is used to substitute imported High Maltose Syrup (HMS) in the brew process. Up to 40 percent of locally-sourced cassava, will be used in the company’s brewed products by 2020.

Cassava is sourced in 2 ways:

  • Red Stripe leases land from the government and operates farms across communities in the parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon. The farms, which vary in size, provide employment for approximately 100 Jamaicans.
  • Bernard Lodge (St. Catherine)
  • Wallen/Cheesefield (St. Catherine)
  • Windsor (St. Catherine)
  • Spring Plain (Clarendon)
  • Independent farmers sign contracts use their lands to cultivate cassava on Red Stripe’s behalf in what is called the ‘Outgrower/Satellite Model’.

In 2016 Project Grow received a major endorsement from the Inter-American Development (IDB) in the form of US$814,417 in grant funding. Under the agreement, the IDB will fund training for 1000 young people in cassava crop production as Project Grow seeks to create a network of 200 small and medium farms.

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